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How Must Should I Pay For Garage Door Springs

AZ-Garage-Door-Broken-Spring-RepairRolling sectional overhead garage door spring replacement should cost somewhere between $195 to $300 for a quality set springs (50000 cycle rating). This price will very if the garage door repair company charges a service call fee (trip charge). The most important thing to consider along with price is the quality of the springs and the warranty. There are any company that we use lower or mid quality springs and charge on the higher end because they include a lifetime warranty on the springs. The catch is that this warranty will only covers the spring for life and labor only for 30 days to a year. Look for a company that offers a equal parts and labor warranty. This insures that the warranty represents the rating of the springs that are being installed. For instants, you may buy a 1500 cycle rated spring set (last 3 years +or-) for $200 with a lifetime warranty and 1 year on labor. When a spring brakes after 3 year the spring its self is covered but the labor cost to replace the warranty spring can be between $65 to $100. This can add up over the year as the warranty will not restart at the time of the warranty replacement. On the offer hand, if you purchase a set of springs rated at 50000 cycles (last 10 year +or-) for $270 with a 10 year parts and labor warranty and a spring brakes in 8 years it would be replace at $0 cost. A must batter value! Always check service company review and get the details on the quality of springs a garage door repair company uses and the warranty, part and “labor”.


Door Opener Safety Sensor Eye Troubleshooting

Garage door sensor eyes were introduced in the early 1990s. They were designed to add an extra layer is safety to the garage door system. Today’s garage door opener feature to safety features, force sensors and the safety eye sensors.

The force sensor is adjustable manually for the up and down force or some of the more resent models have a digital calibration mode. The opener force settings will determine how much resistance the opener will accept going up or down before the opener stops or reverses. In some cases damage or injury can still occurred prior to the force sensor being triggered.

The addition of sensor eyes added a preemptive layer of safety by where if the two sensor eye are obstructed the door will reverse prior to the door making contact with anything thus avoiding potential damage or injury. If the sensor eyes are obstructed or misaligned the door if already closing will stop and reverse. When this safety mechanism is engaged both Genie garage door openers and Liftmaster opener will deactivate the wireless capability of the garage door opener. Meaning your remotes and key pads will not work. Liftmaster/Chamberlain products will alert you to sensor eye issue by the lights on the opener motor flashing when you try to activate the door opener. They will blink 4 to 5 times, if you do not have working light bulbs you will hear the opener make a clicking sound 4 to 5 times.


If this happens to you the first thing to do is to check that there is nothing under the garage door or anything blocking either sensor eye. If you have found nothing in the way, look at both sensor eyes, both should have a solid LED light on. For Liftmaster/Chamberlain products one eye will have an amber colored light which is the sending eye and if it is wired properly and the opener is plugged in will always be on, even the eyes are not making contact. The other eye, which is the receiving eye, has a green LED light and will blink if not making contact with the sending eye. Genie opener generally have a red LED on both, sometime one will be green and the receiving eye will blink or turn off. The eye send out a 1” to 2” wide been depending on the width of the door. To all align simply adjust eh both eye until both LEDs on solid and not flashing or off. Ones aligned move your sending eye just a little bit and see to the light stays solid. You should have some play so when the door shakes if does not make the sensor eyes break contact. If you barely move the eye back on it losses contact you should adjust the eye forward slightly. Do the same to for in the up and down direction.

If you follow these steps and are unable to get both eye to light up there may be a bad sensor eye or a issue with the wiring. You can over ride this feature so that you can close the door. To do this go to your wall button that is in the back of your garage door and press and hold the wall button until the door is full closed and stops, then release. Some openers you will have to press the button then the lights on the opener motor will start flashing then you will press the wall button a 2nd time and hold until the door closes.

Garage Door and Opener Preventative Maintenance Service

Keeping your garage door and garage door opener properly serviced is a must do to keep it running properly and stop issues from occurring that can be costly. It is recommended that you service your garage door and opener once a year. The good news is there is quite a bit that you the homeowner can do your self to saving money and avoid premature wear on your opener and garage door hardware. Below is a description of the things you can do your self and how to check your garage door and opener system to see if it is necessary for you to call a garage door service company to perform the maintenance for you. Be aware that adjusting springs and other portions of your garage door system can be hazardous and should never be attempted by the homeowner.


One of the main things that should be performed on your garage door system yearly is lubrication. Lubricating your garage door system will keep the operation smooth and prevent premature wear. It is recommended that you use a non-colored silicone-based spray lubricant. Other lubricants can be used on the garage door hardware such as WD-40 but using these kinds of liver cancer may require you to perform this service more frequently. On your garage door system you should lubricate the hardware such as the hinges rollers tracks springs and the bearings on either side of the spring system. Next, lubricating the opener, silicone spray can be used on T-shaped chain drive and belt drive opener rails. For screwdriver opener such as genie screw drives or Liftmaster screw drives it is recommended to put a bead of low temp grease or lithium grease on the screw itself. Be careful not to put too much on or wipe it down prior or after if there is excess so that grease does not drip on the ground. Finally, with the door in the down position pull the release string on the opener trolley so that the door can be operated manually. Again make sure the door is in the down position before releasing it from the opener. Lift the door up to the up position the door should be easy to lift and should hold itself halfway if you release it and it should also hold it self in the open position. If the door does not hold itself at the halfway position or at the up position then it is recommended that the spring be adjusted. You should call a garage door company to perform the spring adjustment service for you. A spring adjustment is generally going to cost an hours worth of labor which can vary depending on the company you call.

If you are unable or unwilling to to perform the services on your garage door Mastercraft garage door service can help, are trained technicians are certified by MasterCraft and can perform service or repair on any garage door or opener brands. We offer a free service call and 25 point inspections call today.

App For Your Garage Door – How to Setup Existing Liftmaster Garage Door Opener with MyQ – Chandler AZ Gilbert AZ Mesa AZ Scottsdale AZ

This video show how to make your currant Liftmaster (any Chamberlain opener product) compatible with the new MyQ app. All that is needed to a new wall button the 888LM and the internet gateway 828LM. This will work on any Chamberlain opener manufactured after 1998. This is an inexpensive way to get a whole new set option without replacing the complete opener. Please in some cases it does make more sense to put this money in to a new opener that comes compatible with MyQ if your current opener is not in the best of mechanical condition.

If you are unable or do not want to attempt the upgrade your self call MasterCraft Garage Door Service, We can help!

Garage Door and Opener Safety – Chandler AZ Gilbert AZ Mesa AZ Scottsdale AZ

First and foremost you should never try doing it yourself when it comes to your garage door spring system or cables. There is an unbelievable amount of stored energy contained in your garage door spring system. The risk of serious injury is very high!! This post in intended to give some basic safety pointer in the event that you experience an issue with you garage door system.

The most commend failures to occur with your garage door is a broken spring and what we call in the industries a hung door. A broken spring is just that, the wire coil that makes up the garage door spring separates releasing the tension form the spring. 99% of the time this happens to a spring that has reach it cycle rating and will occur in the down position. Most two car garage door spring systems use a dual spring system and just because one of the springs has broke there is still quite a bit of tension on the spring that is still intact and the cables, located on either side of the garage door. Trying to release the spring tension on the spring that is intact or removing the cables can and most likely result in an injury. I still situation make service that children and animals are not near the garage door and call a garage door company for service.

A hung door is when one of the cables has come off a drum causing the cable to be longer on one side and making the door crooked. This can be cause by many different factors such as springs starting to ware, the door being closed on something or underperforming rollers just to name a few. It is very important not to touch the door when it is in this condition especially if the door is not fully closed. Trying to force the door down can cause costly damage to the garage door and garage door opener and also can cause panel or the whole door to come down. In this situation keep people pets and property far away from the garage door and call MasterCraft for service.